Tuesday, April 26, 2005

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Be Fruitful and Cipher

Before I begin to wax philosophical with all its attendant clich├ęs, I had to pass this story on. Although it may be apocryphal, the event was supposed to have happened within the last few days at the university where I teach. One of our young scholars managed to wander to the library to try to find a book. When he could not find the book he was looking for, he asked a librarian to help him in his fruitless effort to locate a volume called The Orange and Peaches by a man named Durwen. The librarian tried mightily to find the book, but had no luck. The student became somewhat upset, if not indignant, and insisted that the librarian keep trying. Finally, the poor laborer in the vineyards realized that the young scholar was looking for The Origin of Species.