Saturday, April 16, 2005

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Dumber than Home-made Soap

Joe Scarborough “never deviates into sense.” His latest screed for msnbc soars well beyond the stratosphere of stupidity to the cold, dark vacuum of absolute inanity. Apparently, everything that happens in Iraq will redound to the glory of George W. Bush. If we have peace, peace will make Bush stronger; if we have war, war will make Bush stronger; if terrorist attacks continue, Bush will be stronger. The apotheosis of Bush is at hand, and old Joe S. can slouch toward Washington to be born.

Nothing can justify an assertion such as “Kidnappings, beheadings, car bombings are nothing more than sound and fury signifying nothing.” Such an assertion is, however, a “tale told by an idiot.” I suspect that if old Joe were kidnapped, beheaded, or bombed he would, if he could, have a different take on the matter. But no matter, for he believes these things make Bush stronger. “How 2004,” he blithely asserts, “Eighteen civilians were blown up yesterday and the world hardly noticed.” But all is well; Bush is stronger. And we should not worry, for the insurgents “are subhuman beasts who deserve killing.” Unfortunately, the eighteen civilians who died are hardly noticed. But because they are unnoticed, thank God, for this makes Bush stronger.

One really has to digest the whole mess to become truly sick.

I am now going to go barf.