Saturday, February 05, 2005

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Dean and the DNC

Dean has the votes for the chair of the DNC. The response from the left is euphoric, that is my response of course. But I want to talk about the a response from the right for a minute. The Dean will drag the Democratic party to far to the left idea.
The party needs to be dragged kicking and screaming if necessary to the left!
For far too long we have allowed ourselves to be inched to the right by the Republicans, because they have told us that is what America wants. They have told America that is what they want, and currently the President is telling my generation, you don't want to retire really you want to work until you die, and a great many of them are believing it. It is time for the Democratic party to stand up and say No to this. We don't need to return to cooperate feudalism in America, it wasn't good for us in the 1900's and it won't be good for us today. The more we as Democrats have allowed ourselves to be inched to the right, the more we have allowed the freedom from want, that was fought for by our predecessors, to be chiseled away at by the Contract with America and later legislation.

Yes, children deserve healthcare, all children. This is not radical. It is an investment in our future. The democratic party needs to move left.

Yes, our elderly and disabled have a right to live free from fear of poverty and want. Social Security should not be destroyed by this administration, and that is what they are attempting to do, destroy it. The democratic party needs to call Bush on this; call it Social Insecurity..The plan to destroy you in your old age.

Yes, tax cuts are nice, but not when we are at war. We ask our soldiers to die for us. It is time to ask our citizens to sacrifice as well. This is not fun. It may not be the way to win elections, but it is honest. We cannot continue to lower taxes and fight wars. It doesn't work. If the young men and women of my generation, who haven't enlisted but support the President, or those who were too afraid to change horses in midstream are asked to sacrifice for love of country can they not do so, or are we too far gone?

We need to move left. We need to find those better angels of our nature and realize that what we are asking for is not radical and not out of step with what America wants. No American wants children to go without healthcare, no American wants to see a return of the impoverished retirement; and American's will sacrifice for their country when called on, or at least most will, when asked correctly.