Friday, March 25, 2005

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So goes Ohio

On the 23rd a Judge in Ohio, how I have come to despise Ohio, ruled that state's amendment banning same sex marriage did not allow prosecutors to continue to prosecute household members the as they would a married couple. A felony assault charge was drop to a simple assault charge, and batterers all over the state of Ohio, those that can read, slapped their live in girlfriends in celebration.

This made me a bit curious to see what the Texas legislature was up to, because of course we must have a gay marriage ban ourselves! Currently two are proposed one simply states that marriage is between a man and a woman. The other is almost exactly like Ohio's though and it states:
SECTION 1. Article XVI, Texas Constitution, is amended by
adding Section 73 to read as follows:
Sec. 73. Marriage in this state shall consist only of the
union of one man and one woman. Legal status for unmarried persons
which is identical or substantially similar to marital status shall
not be valid or recognized

As I was looking at both bills online the bill history states both have been referred to committee, where they sit, let's hope they stay there. I have my doubts.

Texas domestic violence laws are broader than Ohio's in that they do provide for the assault of household members, don't hit your roommate fellows! But Constitutional amendments can play havoc with state laws, as Ohio has just shown us.

Fear of anal sex, because you know most legislators could care less about Lesbian sex unless they get to watch, has made women more vunerable to repeat batterers, and we got Bush to boot!