Monday, May 09, 2005

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On raising feminists

As you can well see below I have two lovely daughters. Every once in a great while in raising your children you have a small moment of victory. Usually it is because they have done something humanistic, brilliant or have some kind of artistic talent. (I guess if you have children who could kick a ball that might cause great pride too, but since I come from a line of left footed individuals with the exception of my little sister I wouldn't know) This weekend though, I discovered that raising a feminist is a small victory as well. We have some friends whom are expecting their first child and they were over for supper. The naming of the baby became exciting supper table discussion, as usual the couple has yet to be agree on a name for either sex. My youngest daughter in all her feminist wisdom turned to the husband and explained that in the end he would have to let the wife decide because it was HER baby. They said no it was their baby. My 4 year old would not relent saying but it is her tummy the baby will live in until it is born so she should get to decide, the mother-to-be winced. I beamed, I do believe I am raising a feminist.