Friday, June 17, 2005

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A quick post before the end of the day

Over at Dohiyi Mir NTodd is talking about why Americans don't go to the movies as we once did. I posted my thoughts as to why I think we don't in the comments: money. This brings me to my post. The other night we watched 30 days on Minimum Wage on the FX network. It is an hour long documentary, made by the film maker who made Supersize Me. He is producing and hosting a weekly series called 30 days. In the first one though he is the guinea pig again, and he lives for 30 days on a minimum wage job along with his girlfriend. If you can find it in a rerun, watch it. See how expensive it is to be poor. Just amazing, and then sit back and if you were ever poor remember it, tell your kids about it. I did, it was pretty powerful for my almost 12 year old who finally "got" poverty for about 30 minutes.