Tuesday, October 24, 2006

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Bad taste

This morning Atrios couldn't help himself, he posted the words Clinton/Obama "08.
*shudder* I want to win in '08. I do not want to hand whoever the Repugs nominate the election on a silver platter. She is not electable, not because she is a women; but because she is too liberal for conservatives, too conservative for liberals and inspires feelings of vitriol for too many people. A good part of her life was opened like a book for public consumption during the Clinton Presidency and people did not like what they saw. She is seen by some as a power hungry person, because she decided to stay married to man who repeatedly cheated on her. She is seen as weak-willed by others for the same reason. Her active role in her husbands presidency turned off a good many people, because they did not elect her to serve. Do people want to meet her? Yes. Therefore, she can have fundraising events and build up a hefty warchest; but this does not eqate to wanting her to be president. I see no worse choice for the democratic ticket than Hillary '08.