Saturday, February 26, 2005

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His Honorable John G. Roberts Jr.

Just made the short list it seems, very little has been written about him and I am having a bit of a time finding more than one decent source of information regarding Judge Roberts. So instead of paraphrasing one article that was published 4 days ago I will just send you to it. Judge Roberts.

Read the article. My take, bad for the environment, bad for civil liberties and rights of the accused, and not a clue where he will come down on the right to privacy and abortion. As with most conservatives, people who know him and have worked with him, liberals and conservatives alike think he his a great guy and very smart.

Slightly off the topic, but am I the only person who knows enough lawyers, to know some that are real assholes and some are not that damn bright as Mr. Justice Thomas illustrates. Is it some kind of rule that you aren't allowed to say so once you go to law school?