Monday, February 14, 2005

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This Weekend

I sporadically read Outsourcing Torture from this months edition of The New Yorker. I know the article wasn't that long. I ought to have been able to have read it 15 to 20 minutes tops. But it was a sporadic read for me, as I kept feeling overwhelming dizzy and nauseous as I read. I kept having to put the article down,everytime thinking this isn't my country, they aren't writing about my country. Yes, it is your country they are writing about I would remind myself. I would pick the article back up only to once again put it down feeling overcome with grief for what we once were as I read of another man shipped off to Egypt to be tortured, or never heard from again. Or to read that terrorists might actually go free because of our barbaric behavior, because we cannot allow them to testify. We have violated so many laws that we cannot allow them near a court to testify against one another.

This isn't my country. This isn't my America. This is Bush's America. This is Rumsfeld's America. This is Cheney's America, and when their time in power has past I pray for the return of my America where criminals and terrorists, yes, are afforded human rights and criminal rights. Because, I promise if and when we return to my America Mr. Bush, Mr. Rumsfeld, and Mr. Cheney; I want to be certain that all your rights are afforded to you when you are held accountable for your America.