Monday, February 07, 2005

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My HTML skills

Are worse than Bush's skills with the English language. I can't link to another website and I can't figure out how to make the original comment box from blogger disappear. This is what happens when someone with next to no computer skills attempts to start a blog. I have plenty of opinions, but lack some of the necessary skills to make this program work effectively for me. At least I have copied a html for dummies file on to my computer so I can have a cheat sheet at my disposal.

I have also, enlisted the aid of my silent partner, maybe someday he will write something if I bug him enough, that you see over at the side there. He is very good with computers. He can make the links work. But do I email him everytime I need him to fix my link? No, I need to figure this crap out for myself. I know what blogger tells me I am supposed to do, and I did it exactly right, but did it work. No! But it sure looked like it worked, foiled again!

As for the comments box, well I have a couple of programmer friends, they have promised to fix it for me.

Okay whine over. I will get back to work on figuring out what the hell I am doing wrong.

Update: I managed to fix my link! Grand excitement in the Rugo household, cake for all!