Friday, April 29, 2005

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Curly blogging postponed

Jeffraham has had to postpone Curly cat blogging this week because he is desperately looking for work during the Bush Boom years. I know some of you know that my 4 year old is addicted to Friday cat blogging and she has a bit of love affair with Sam over at NTodd's Dohiyi Mir going on. She must look for Sam pictures daily(there hasn't been one since Monday by the way). That said she loves Curly movies, and looks forward to them on Fridays. The good news you can help out Jeffraham and have a Curly DVD to put in the DVD player anyday of the week. The bad news is that we still may not have Curly blogging this week and Jeffraham may not have electricity next month. Check it out, help out a fellow blogger and watch kitty porn anyday of the week.