Tuesday, April 26, 2005

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Things a man should never say:

Today on the way to work/school my adorable beloved 4 year old is in the back seat suffering from verbal vomit carseatitis. If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or anyone who has spent time with a child in a carseat you know this is what happens to a child when you buckle them into their carseat. You turn on their non-stop talk button. Well my daughter decides today to discuss plays and what part she wants to play in them! Wonderful, she wants to be Mary in the birth of baby Jesus. Okay, that is great. Daddy will be the donkey. Daddy doesn't look thrilled at this prospect but he goes along and then he gets the bright idea to open his mouth. He says and I quote: "If I am the Donkey can Mommy be the Cow?". Mommy is not happy. Daddy sees this and keeps the joke going, figuring and I quote again "Sometimes you have dug a hole so deep you might as well keep digging 'till you get to China."

These are things a man should never say.

I am expecting papers or flowers soon.