Tuesday, August 09, 2005

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Vacation over

I am home, my vacation was wonderful; the girls loved Disney World and spending every dime I had. Florida is a real treat, it rains there everyday and you can smell the mold growing. That is until your allergies kick in and you can no longer smell anything, in my case about 12 hours. We have all returned to the Wild West with nice cases of allergitis. I am blaming Florida. I also noticed that it is much easier to leave the state than to get into it, blame that on the hurricanes and a Bush brother, the best highway we drove on was built by Walt Disney..go figure. And finally I have determined in the panhandle region of the state (near the Alabama border) the average age of motherhood must be about 15. Without giving my age completely away and saying I don't look older than I am, maybe a few years younger even, I was called my 5 year old's grandmother twice. I figured if it happened a third time I was going to have to hurt someone. But then when we did the math IF I had a child at 15 and she had a child at 15 I could be my 5 year old's grandmother. I could spit. The scenery in Florida is beautiful though, if Ntodd or OWL were there I am sure they would post some beautiful pictures. I on the other hand I some great pictures of the girls with Pooh Bear and Mickey Mouse! If you ask nicely I might show you. I am glad to be home though and my greatest souvenir? Bob Novak threw a pissy fit the one day I turned on CNN while on vacation.

Politics tomorrow with laundry, think any of that Florida mold came back in the suitcase?