Wednesday, July 27, 2005

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The lack of blogging of late

For all 5 of my faithful readers, and Pasquin too; you have my apologies for not blogging for most of the month. My only excuse is that work intruded into my life in such a manner that I could not seem to not draw parallels between the horrendous things going on at my job and the horrible things happening in this administration. Life can do that to you. So my solution was to not write, to pull a Thumper and say nothing at all; because I had nothing nice to say about anything at all. I am better now, the work situation is what it is, and I am about to take a much needed vacation! So I will blog today and tomorrow, post a few pictures of Cookie, Lola and maybe even one of Em and then I shall run away to the land of hurricanes, alligators and Mickey Mouse. If Pasquin is nice he might post while I am gone, but this is doubtful. I will attempt to post while I am vacationing, when I can.