Friday, September 02, 2005

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Questions being asked

Texas is said to be taking in 75,000 refugees. Texans are waking up this morning glad to help, but wanting answers; answers to the same questions I am sure are being asked everywhere today: What is taking so long? It is 2005 don't we have the capabilities to get our citizens out of New Orleans? Why couldn't we get food and water to them? If we could spend billions and get aid over to the Tsunami victims in two days, why are the people of New Orleans dying?

In answer to those questions, I want to just scream because you voted for it! Instead, I try to calmly explain the cost of war, FEMA budget cuts, turned down aid from Canada and Russia, and then watch the shock roll over their faces. They realize this is what they voted for, that their government has left those people to die and it could and should have been avoided. The long term consequences of leaving people to die and rot in New Orleans are sinking in as well: death and decay equal disease. We are going to be facing a long term crisis in this country and people are waking up this morning going to work knowing it.

There has been some talk about how the left is turning this disaster into politics, it seems to me that normal everyday Americans are waking up to the policies that were "politics as usual" for this administration and finding out that there were no policies at all. This isn't playing politics it is stating facts. The cure is going to cost so much more that the prevention would have, isn’t that always the case though.