Wednesday, August 24, 2005

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Overheard in my West Texas Office

How bad is it for Bush? Bad. In my office, where for a goodly number of folk he might as well walk on water. The price of gasoline is a hot topic.

"My word Bill O' Vilely* on Fox News (the only news anyone in West Texas watches) spoke out against him last night about Oil Prices! What is the President thinking? He is thinking about how to butter his bread when he leaves office. That is what he is thinking.
The President has 3 major problems according to Bill: Oil, Iraq, and the Border. Let's hope he takes care of Oil prices first."

There you have it folks. When folk out here are upset with Bush there really is trouble abrewing. So, it might not really be because of the war, but dammit when it costs us $2.67 a gallon to fill up our Suburbans and Pick up trucks we get might durn irratated. Now you know and I know that the war just might have something to do with the cost of oil. But out here we just don't see it that way.

* Liberties taken with names all mine.