Wednesday, February 09, 2005

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I'm (becoming) just wild about Harry!

I am here to state
I'm here to relate
To explain and make it plain that:
I`m just wild about Harry
and Harry's wild about me; (well he's wild about Democrats at least)

The RNC has plans to send out a 13 page document that paints Harry Reid as an obstructionist. It is a clear attempt on their part to marginalize the obvious strength he has already exhibited as the Minority Leader in the Senate. It has clearly, to use Reid's own word, chaffed him.

He responded to the assertion that W knows nothing of the RNC's plans, and wants to work with everyone....

Reid, however, was unpersuaded, saying that it was his understanding that the RNC is "controlled by George Bush."
"I want the boys at the White House, the girls at the White House, the men and women at the White House, everyone to understand, I haven't lost one wink of sleep over the attack yesterday," Reid said.
"They're not going to frighten me. You know, they call me an obstructionist -- they're destructionists."

I really am becoming just wild about Harry!