Sunday, February 27, 2005

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Stiletto Democracy

Dowd Yes, catchy title and having grown up in the south I actually know how to walk in those damn things, own a couple of pair of them and wear them at times. And while this is a catchy title it really has nothing to do with her editorial; which is about how secretive this administration is, yet claims to work in transparency because of the American system: Democracy and a Free Press.

Yet, the closest we get to the press actually investigating this administration are bloggers on the internets, or cute catchy titled editorials in the major papers. Not one major paper is really looking into any of the possible abuses of this administration. The list is becoming so long it is mindboggling to attempt to track them all, but just in the last months: Gannon, rendition of prisoners against US and international law, Armstrong Williams, and Social Security being forced to pay for the destruction of Social Security. Yet, for the most part the press remains silent instead preferring to tell us about the jury selection process in Michael Jackson trial, or the latest talking points from the White House on Social Security piratization.

Our press is no longer free it is owned by big corporations, whose best interests are served by having the Bush boys in the White House resulting in this White House being surrounded by a veil of secrecy and we allow ourselves to be distracted by nice legs in stiletto heels. Well I know they can be distracting, I wear them but it doesn't mean people don't expect me to do my job or do it well, and I have nice legs too.