Sunday, March 06, 2005

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Frank Rich

How did the Arts Editorialist at the New York Times become the best political commentator they have? This isn't really a redundant question I am quite curious. I look forward each Sunday to his column; because he will always have a bitingly honest assessment of the United States, whether it is our press core, our president, or our policies.

Today I found this little tidbit in the last page of his editorial...

Back in Washington, the Social Security Administration is refusing to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests for information about its use of public relations firms - such as those that funneled taxpayers' money to the likes of Armstrong Williams. Don't expect news organizations dedicated to easy-listening news to get to the bottom of it.

He is right. It is sad and it is true and I have begun to wonder if we will ever really know what has gone on inside this White House or if it will all remain conveniently buried.