Thursday, March 03, 2005

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Pharmacists Rights!

Yes in Texas there is now a bill being proposed by Rep. Frank Corte, R-San Antonio, that protects the rights of yes pharmacists not to dispense emergency contraceptive and abortion medications if they find them morally reprehensible.

Oh my! Yes, let us protect the delicate sensibilities of pharmacists in the state of Texas. Women who have been sexually assaulted in Texas? Who gives a shit about the state of their uteruses let alone about how having a pharmacist deny them a desperately needed medication after a brutal assault will possibly revictimize them; what that will do to a victim's battered psyche. The pharmacists of Texas must be protected from dispensing drugs they find morally reprehensible. The women of Texas, well they can bear children of rapists of course.

What crap.

The bill is HB 16.