Wednesday, March 09, 2005

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A meme game

Via Trish Wilson I found this fun and interesting meme game. It calls for you to list 10 thing you have done that you don't think that others might have done. I don't think I will have anything nearly as exciting as Trish, but here goes.

1. I went to Farm Aid II and got a 2nd degree sunburn that peeled 3 times. Lesson learned never wear a tank top to an outdoor concert in Texas.

2. I have coordinated three trials at once, one of them a murder trial.

3. I have worked a capital murder trial, the death penalty wasn't asked for thank goodness.

4. I have been on a murder trial jury, before I went into my line of work.

5. I have met Thomas Berger, James Dickey, and many other famous authors.

6. John Henry Faulk called me darling the first time he met me. I had accidentally awoken him from a nap he was taking in my parent's bed.

7. Participated in Jr. High demonstrations against boys not being able to wear earrings to school, we gave the boys our mothers clip ons so they could wear them on both ears that day; and no one being able to wear bandanas of any kind were we all wore bandanas on our heads to school one day.

8. Raising a child while in college and then going to graduate school while being pregnant with another.

9. Moved one week after having a baby.

10. Asked questions of a member of the department of Homeland Security.