Wednesday, March 16, 2005

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Quitting Smoking

Day two, yes I didn't mention day one but if you fail on day one who wants to have to come back and delete a post? So day two, everyone I live and work with are still living. I don't function well at work though. I misspelled someone's name today, that I had saved on my computer none the less. When I really want a cigarette I feel like I can't breathe properly unless I am inhaling smoke into my lungs, talk about irony. So quitting smoking is the pits, isn't fun and really should be done in a quick detox manner. Where they hook you up to some machine and purify your blood of all toxins, like they can do to heroin addicts. Then they should knock you out for at least a couple of hours and when you wake up, no cravings. Ta da!