Monday, April 11, 2005

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Faith Based Prison in Texas

You can read about it here Prayerful Prisons
I just want to make a few points about why I think this is happening in Tom Green County.
The county has not one elected Democrat, not one from the JP's to the Commissioners to the County Judge quoted in this article they are all good Republicans. The District Judges? Republican. The District Attorney? Republican both(Tom Green County actually has two). The Sheriff? Republican. The County Attorney? Republican.
Do you see a pattern here? Could this happen in a county without single party rule?

A county where there is actual debate over something other than the budget might put up a fuss about this, but in a county such as Tom Green that wants to bring in revenue without raising taxes or wages, a Christian faith based prison is a gimmie. No one will argue against it out in Protestant West Texas.

The men who enter into this prison, will get services that are not available to the inmates in general population, because they will agree to be proselytized to 24/7 for the last 2 years of their incarceration. That is not quite equal treatment under the law. In addition, it says nothing about separation of church and state, and where are the Muslim prisons? Many individuals convert to Islam during incarceration, surely they would appreciate the opportunity to serve out the last two years of their sentence at a Muslim facility. Do you think that Republican Tom Green County would consider a Muslim prison as well?