Wednesday, June 08, 2005

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In Defense of Daily Kos

So I wandered over to Daily Kos, I admit it I was looking for something to blog about, not much has caught my attention of late. I know the Medical Marijuana case should have had me blogging away, but it didn't surprise me, no not even Mr. Justice Scalia. Anyway over at the Daily Kos it seems there has been a mass defection of the female diarists, because of an ad. The ad is sexist, but isn't anything worse than what you would see for a wet T-Shirt contest. First things first, I am from Texas where we are decades behind the rest of the world when it comes to darlins', sweethearts, and honeys BUT you have to pay the bills, and Kos has to pay the bills. We as liberal democrats claim to support the free-market and free speech this will include offensive speech and offensive sexist ads. If you don't like it, don't click through, and don’t watch the show. Treat it the same way we say conservatives should treat television shows they find offensive. What is supremely foolish is to walk away from a highly effective gathering place where democrats exchanges ideas because your sensibilities are offended. We should be beyond that. I am a woman. I am paid less than men. I am called honey by so many West Texas attorneys I have quit counting. None of that matters, what matters is that I do my job well and effectively serve my victims. What should matter in the blogosphere is that we effectively exchange ideas not get upset over a silly little ad that shows too much T & A, for a show that in the end most likely won't be on the air in 2008.