Sunday, June 05, 2005

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Jonathan Alter

On If Watergate Happened Now so sad, so biting, so true. I read this and then sat back realized it becomes a question of what do we have to change first and how? Congress or the Press and can Congress change without changing the Press first. A free press is a marvelous and wonderful thing until it isn't about reporting the news, until it is about manipulating the people. For all the moaning and groaning about the liberal media, objectivity is not liberalism, and pronouncement that something like torture is wrong is not liberalism. It is just not what conservatives are comfortable with because it allows individuals the ablitity, nay it requires them to make decisions with just facts, and determine right and wrong one their own or accept a truth we would declare about any other government. Then I went and took a shot of Whiskey and wondered if we just really do get the government we deserve and sat down to await Armageddon.