Saturday, June 11, 2005

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Someone tell me why we don't just quit?

As I posted the other day maybe we get the government we deserve. 51% of us voted for this, our press chooses not to cover the Downing Street Memo honestly, and they give the administration hacks more than adequate time to blow smoke regarding the nature of the memo, without calling them on their blatant and obvious lies. In addition, Tex Sensenbrenner calls a halt to hearings on the Patriot Act and there isn't an uproar, there isn't a peep. If there is a Martin Luther King of this generation he is hiding behind a keyboard blogging, not calling us to our feet. Money is wonderful and giving money to our candidates is great, but look at what is going on in Washington today and what are we doing? We are sitting around in our living rooms, studies, dining rooms and elsewhere blogging our hearts out calling for hearings and investigations into the Downing Street Memo. So they can shut down the hearings and turn off the microphones and the modern media will continue to cover the latest missing person and the latest verdict and ignore the uncomfortable truth of Washington, because Chris Matthews wants Condi Rice on his Hard8all anniversary special. No one cares as long as they continue to get their paychecks and their children are not being drafted. As long as this war is against those who do not look like them and do not worship like them and does not affect their daily lives who gives a fuck if the government lied to get us there? It was for the better good. Until it is not for the better good and that isn't until it directly affects them. As for us? We will continue to speak into our echo chamber until our MLK leaves his keyboard, and we hear his voice, and he or she calls us to leave the comfort of homes to take to our feet. Because in the end do any of you really think that the folk in Washington, who ignored the law give a shit about what we do on our blogs? Do you think the press who ignore the truth will listen to our words? It will take our feet. Otherwise we will continue to get the government we deserve.