Wednesday, June 22, 2005

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Wimbledon blogging

Well today on the grass, Greg Rusedski lost in 4 sets, Lindsey Davenport survived the graveyard of Champions and Roger Federer won his match in a straight set sleeper. A sleeper is about how Wimbledon feels to me so far this year, but then I haven't been able to watch a minute of tennis. It just isn't as exciting reading about these matches as it was to watch them when HBO carried Wimbledon. So I had to pay all year for HBO to watch 2 weeks of tennis. I cancelled HBO when they canned Wimbledon; I also had to tape hours of tennis and then watch it after work. It was worth it, I really do like to watch tennis and to watch it played well on grass is to watch an amazing feat. Tennis has changed a great deal since I first "fell" for the sport discovered I was best suited for watching.