Tuesday, July 05, 2005

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The guessing game

Portions of our population are currently engaged in playing guess the Supreme Court nominee, others are playing guess what kind of nominee and yet others are playing suggest what the nominee ought to be. What we can be assured of as liberals, we aren't going to like the nominee. He/She isn't going to be what we think a Supreme Court nominee ought to be. It is that simple, it really matters not who it is Bush nominates, we as liberals will not agree with the nomination more than likely for one reason or another. (Unless Bush finds a deeply hidden, decent, intelligent streak, which means most of us, would be dumb founded and his own party would call for his impeachment).

He may nominate someone we can live with, but I would suggest we seriously consider if we can live with a war criminal as a Supreme Court Justice. I have considered being “reasonable” about Alberto Gonzales, but if he wasn't qualified to be AG why the hell would he be remotely qualified to sit on the highest court in the land? Look at what corner we are backing ourselves into before we willing walk into it. It would/will be an international embarrassment if one of our Supreme Court Justices cannot travel outside of the United States because he is a war criminal. That being said and off my chest the rest of the world may now go back to debating who and what a Justice should be, it isn't like the Idiot in Chief is going to listen to us anyway.