Wednesday, June 29, 2005

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A post

A real post! I know I have been lax, but then there are a hundreds of other blogs to read out there and they have all been saying it very well of late so there really has been no need to add my voice to cacophony of outrage. Yet, today I have something to say. I have waited this week, along with most of the blogosphere, to see if Mr. Chief Justice Rehnquist would announce his retirement; I don't think it is coming. I suspect that the Chief Justice has decided that he can sit through another term, or allow the American Public to participate in the spectacle of a funeral for a sitting Chief Justice. I know that is a bit morbid, so be it. He is an old man, who is I doubt retiring. Why? The reasons are his alone and maybe one day his memoirs will tell us the whys and wherefores. I personally hope to find out that for the Chief Justice and for Ms. Justice O'Connor, as well, that they have chosen not to retire during the Bush years, so far, out of some sense of shame and fear of what that retirement might bring.