Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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Back to School Shopping

Last night I took the girls back to school shopping. It was the first trip for the little one who starts Kindergarden next week, and she was thrilled to be in Old Navy getting new clothes for school. The older one was pleased with new jeans from there but wanted more dramatic shirts from "Hot Topic". We walked down the mall and into the store, and to my surprise was a shop that reminded me a great deal of the record stores of my youth. They even had albums! They also had lots of angst ridden t-shirts for the angst ridden teen/pre-teen. We found a couple of t-shirts that we could agree on and off we went. What was so amusing was the clerk look tickled to see a mom and daughters in there shopping without a fuss. All I kept thinking was, what this child is picking out is so tame compared to what I DID! When did my rebellion become a store in the mall?