Sunday, August 14, 2005

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Young love

My 5-year has a boyfriend! I took her to a party last night, kids, adults, food, sodas, margaritas (my head), volleyball, swimming and sand! A great time was had by all, especially Em and THE BOY (5 as well) they built sandcastles, they played, they held hands, they announced they were boyfriend and girlfriend (sweet), and then the little Romeo KISSED her! When I told her no kissing boys, the BOY walks up and says to me but mam she WANTED me to kiss her! She nods her head. They say goodbye, and I explain why they can't have a sleepover. My older daughter got to have mixed sleepovers (but she never wandered around kissing boys at 5!).

A Nunnery is in this one's future I see it clearly.