Thursday, August 11, 2005

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I take a preventative migraine medicine which has kept the headache monster at bay for one year, until today. I have my first migraine in a year. It hurts, I called the doctor and he called in Imitrex, which I know will help, BUT, it will also make me feel my blood run through every inch of my body..ich. Why oh why couldn't have he given me a nice narcotic? I would have happily crawled into bed then. This is a work induced migraine too (sorry Bryan I can't blame Florida) I can and will blame LAWYERS! GRRR. Leaving me to clean up their messes, what a day, what a headache!

Update Damn Doctor's office didn't call in the Imitrex like they said they were going to. Now I can blame Doctors and Lawyers!

Update II My headache is better now and just a dull roar. I am back at work and have called the doctor's office to make sure they knew about the mix up. The doctor's office assures me they called in the Rx, but it isn't there. Oh well thank heavens for benadryl(It will at least eventually knock you out).