Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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The outcome

We lost, the wife thumper walked out of court. It took the jury just over 6.5 hours to find him not guilty. This was with his wife testifying for him. AHHH!!!! Of course he has thumped on her 3 times since we indicted him, so we just pulled a law and order on him and had a warrarnt waiting. What is so sad is that the victim doesn't understand that we are trying to save her life, even if she doesn't want us to.

In this case it was so hard to determine what would happen, uncooperative victims make cases difficult, especially domestic violence cases. I am gratified that it took the jury as long as it did to find the jerk not guilty. If you ever all called to jury duty on a family violence case, remember frequently the victim is living with the defendant and is minimizing and covering for him, either out of love, fear, self-loathing, or some deep ingrained sense of deserving the animosity of the abuser. This is not a reason for aquital. You aren't doing her a favor.