Thursday, September 22, 2005

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Hurricane Rita

Well as disgusted and dismayed as I have been over Hurricane Katrina, to the point of not blogging, Hurricane Rita has drawn me out if for nothing else to rant a bit and to ask for good thoughts for my mother in law and grandmother in law. They live in Houston. The Mr's cousin had promised to evacuate them, they don't have a car and grandma is very ill. They also live on a fixed income. She was to get them yesterday and take them to her house out in the country, where she has three generators and plenty of emergency supplies.
She didn't do it. She decided the drive time was too long. Yep, that is what she said when I asked her why she didn't go get them. Her mom is out. Her sister is out. They both live in the same apartment complex, but they all say the H's mom and their grandmother will be just fine riding out the hurricane there. I started offering to go get them when I saw the Hurricane in the Gulf.
Think good thoughts.