Tuesday, November 07, 2006

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Election Day

Fingers and toes crossed! Please go vote.

Today is our oppurtunity to begin to take back our government from those who have worked so hard in the last six years to destroy it. Here in Texas, I don't expect much change. I fear that the crowded ballot will ruin Chris Bell's chances at the top of the ballot and so many of our choices in other races are limited to Republican or Libertarian, without a Democrat in the race, sad really. In addition out here in the Wild West, we have a good many unopposed Republicans running.
But go vote and go vote for change wherever you live.

I was going to vote early, but I really love voting on election day, so I went to my polling place on my lunch hour. First, I had to wait in line. Second, a good number of people were actually balking when they were asked if they wanted to vote electronically. I actually heard a few people ask if it was safe and were the election workers sure that their vote wouldn't be lost. Third, one of the workers told me that they had been busy all day, which I hope is good news for Bell.(People out here might not vote for him, but they sure might refuse to vote for Perry). Finally, there was a line when I left.

Voting makes me giddy. Can you tell?