Wednesday, April 13, 2005

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Let's talk about sex shall we? All the big boys and girls are talking about it! I could link to them, but we all know how to get to Matt, Atrios, Steve, Digby and Amy. Most of this is pure foolishness because those values voters...they aren't gonna cross over and vote for our guy. I know this because I am related to a values voter. It can be annoying because if anyone is more convinced they are right about the state of the world than a liberal, it is a values voter; and unlike a liberal they will tell you over and over and over how right they are. But what they won't do, is tell their kid about sex, or let their kid see anything that resembles sex on TV, or want your kid to see anything that resembles sex on TV, and they don't want your kid to tell their kid about sex either because well see sex is something you do with the lights off and never talk about. Sexual bodyparts are not to be mentioned even by adults. So of course they want the government to control what is on TV so that they don't have to worry that you might let your kid watch something they don't approve of, like Rugrats, or Law and Order(someone tell me how you avoid letting your kid watch this anymore?) They aren't going to cross over and vote for our guy. Admit it we like sex too much or at least the values voter thinks we do, they are pretty certain that our guys are out there doing it with anything that moves! And yes, if you listen closely enough, the values voter will tell you that over and over and over again too.