Sunday, May 15, 2005

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It seems that Republican men like hot, dirty sex. They also seem to like that hot dirty sex with people and animals who can't consent to it. That is the underlying theme here, control. You bang your narcoleptics wife up the bunghole while she is passed out you are in control, because she can't say yes or no. It is rape. You bang a mule when you are a teenage boy because you are one sick republican fuck, it is about control because teenage girls say no whereas the mule, she can't.

See the pattern: Control, Rape, and Degradation. In Texas marital rape is the same as non-marital rape: a crime is a crime is a crime. It is one of the few things we get right. You anally rape your wife; we aren't going to look too kindly on you. The last fellow who did that in my neck of the woods thought he could go to the Judge and say opps I just slipped. He slipped for 40 years he did. He is finding out exactly what opps I slipped felt like. He isn't a big fellow and he was kind of pretty. The fellow before him said to the jury but she wanted me to tie her and then violently anally rape her, to the point she required stitches. He is serving 60 years.

I would hope to see Dr. Hager prosecuted for his crimes against his wife but it is doubtful as this testimony is coming out in their divorce case. The prosecutors are sitting in their offices saying this is he said she said case and it just isn't credible. The woman was victimized for years and the best she is going to get is out of the marriage, and the dear doctor leaving his job.

We have all had a great deal of fun this week at the expensive of the doctor, and the press, but what is really been lost is that his wife was brutally victimized by him for years. She must have lived in constant fear and he will walk away from this for the most part unscathed. She is forever scared by his behavior. For one minute imagine what it must have been like to live her life, to be dependant on him for whatever reasons she was and to be repeatedly victimized all the while he is being praised for being a good Christian man. Now realize that she probably is not going to see any kind of justice, because they are more than likely going to be unable to prosecute Dr. Hager and if they do the chances of a conviction are slim.