Wednesday, June 01, 2005

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I am a child of Watergate; literally a child. I did not come of age during the Watergate era. I sat at the dinner table as my parents bemoaned the Nixon administration. I was confused by much and understood only two overwhelming and underlying principles. Something very bad, had happened and the President had something to do with it, something monumental because he resigned. I remember not the speech, but Nixon standing by the helicopter about to leave the White House lawn for the last time. I was not more than 5 or 6 years old. See I told you I was a child of Watergate.

Somehow knowing Deep Throat is W. Mark Felt is a let down. I think I would have been let down by anyone though. So much of it was the mystery and knowing we would only know on the death of a patriot. He would have been lauded, possibly by all, as a patriot, as someone who stood up for the office of the President. People have a harder time speaking ill of the dead. Instead now we have to hear Pat Buchannan and G.Gordon, I am a convicted Felon, Liddy besmirch him. I could not bring myself to watch the coverage on any of the channels last night because of men like the above.

What saddens me more is knowing that men like Buchannan and Liddy, some may say even worse, hold the reigns of power, and have committed far more grievous sins than Nixon. Except the sin we are now told is in the cover up not the lie and these men cover up nothing when they lie. They just change the lie and blissfully go along lying. The Emperor has No Clothes and he doesn't give a damn. Who knew Watergate would become a childhood memory of the Good Ole Days in American Governance.