Sunday, May 22, 2005

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Updated my blogroll a bit

I am sure there are a couple of people that I read on a regular basis that aren't on there so I am going to attempt to write down where I am going this next week so that I can add yall. I do read Eschaton and Daily Kos, but I also assume that everyone knows how to get there and there is really no point in my blogrolling the big boys. If Kos or Atrios sends me an email saying hey Rugo please add me to your blogroll of course I will do so. That being said, I will have to figure out how to put my email address up here first. ;).
In addition, my computer at home wasn't hooked up to the internets this week, the laptop was, and while this might not seem like that big of a deal but I couldn't guinea pig blog on Friday because Hello is on my desktop.
It is sad to discover that your laptop has a better video card than your desktop. I am going to buy my desktop a new video card next payday.

There is a new MMRPG that is a great deal of fun out if you enjoy them. I have been left out in the cold since EQ I went down hill with the advent of WoW and EQII. But now there is Guild Wars and I am actually enjoying the game, mainly because there doesn't seem to be a huge number of teen-age boys walking up to me asking for cybersex within the first 5 minutes of me logging onto the game. Thus the need for a new video card, mine doesn't support the graphics of Guild Wars which are amazing, my laptop does though.