Thursday, May 19, 2005

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Having been insanely busy at work, and actually having to *gasp* work, I have only a vague idea of what is going on in the world. Those idjits in the Senate are debating the nuclear option. The bigger idjits in the press are acting like there is a real possibility of doing away with the filibuster. Please, tell me this isn't true; last I heard it wasn't but then I thought we were going to win Ohio.

In other news the Real ID Act has passed the House, shall we shudder in horror.

On to the important stuff...My oldest daughter earned a Commended Performance on the Math portion of the TAKS test, and almost did on the Reading portion as well. Way to go kiddo! The 4 year old had to have a tooth pulled yesterday, and had her first visit from the tooth fairy. Did you know that when you have a molar yanked out by the dentist at 4; because of a sinus infection it seems, without being knocked out, the tooth fairy gives you 5 dollars? Inflation+intense pain= major cash.

Call your Senator if you don't live in my crazy State and tell them you don't support a change in the Senate rules and that you love Senator Robert Byrd. If you live in Texas; procreate, it may be our only hope. (Pasquin you are off the hook, just send psychic liberal messages to MF's children.)