Wednesday, August 17, 2005

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What a solider wants

A great many people have been trying to play necromancer of late and determine how Casey Sheehan felt about the war in Iraq and how he might feel about his mother's protest in Crawford. There seems to be this idea on the right out there that just because someone is a solider he/she believes in rightness of this war. That they support every reason we have been given by this administration for going to war; this is just not the case.

My friend, a solider who served in Iraq, did not support this war, he didn't believe in the reasons for going to war but he went and he served and he put his life on the line. He would go back if asked. His wife is also a solider and she feels the same way; but, if asked she will go. It is their duty. They believe in service, in our country and our ideals even if they don't believe in WMD and imperialism. They are not alone in their beliefs, when visiting them in their home and other servicemen and women are there it is far from uncommon to hear them speak of their disagreement. Do they serve, yes and honorably. Do they agree, not always. It would be foolish of me to assume that because my friend doesn't agree with the war that Casey Sheehan must not have. It is just as foolish to assume that because someone we know agrees with the war, or the wingnut himself does, that Casey Sheehan did. What is even more foolish is attempting to read the mind of a dead man. I know some unusual people, much to those who care for me chagrin at times, and I have yet to meet a real necromancer.