Friday, November 10, 2006

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A non political post

This post is about my cat. First some background, for those of you who were around when we got Lola, she was brutally murdered by two neighborhood dogs in August. It was a traumatic and horrible loss. The two dogs now have insurance and a proper fence since I pressed vicious dog charges on them. (These are the same dogs that bit Em in April). The next week we adopted a shelter cat and got to bring her home. She was around 5 months old, so not a kitten. Her name is Misstache, as she has a lovely little hitler like mustache. She has been a handful from day one. First, she chewed through her spaying stiches require emergency surgery to put her belly back in, my 36 dollar cat from the shelter ended up costing about 10x that. In addition, if she finds her way into a bedroom, then the bed will be pee'd on. It matters not if someone is sleeping in the bed either. *sigh* if all clothing isn't pick up (and remember I have children) it is at her bladder's mercy as well. She will use the cat box if she can't find somewhere else she would rather void her waste. It is a constant battle to keep her only in the living, dining room and kitchen. She is, unlike Lola the psychotic one, the sweetest cat ever. She is a noodle. She loves to be held, petted and she PURRS. But, I need some suggestions on how to stop her bedwetting behavior. I am tired of laundry and lysol.