Thursday, November 16, 2006

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Vatican=Secular Progressives

Yep that is right folks in the Catholic Church's zeal for peace and justice, they are now being equated to secular progressive by none other than Bill O'Reilly. Now as I know and am related to people who would be classified in each of these distinct groups, I suspect he insulted them both. So will someone tell my sister, the devout Catholic and ardent Republican, that Bill O said she is a secular progressive? Maybe that will get her to stop watching Faux news.

These groups are so dissimilar, at least viewing secular progressives as Billy Boy does, that it is hard to see how he intended the comparison as anything other than an insult to Catholics. I am sure he didn't see where secular progressives might take offense, but then most of them are not in his loyal following of viewers. Admittedly Peace and Justice Catholics, do share some of the same goals and view points of Secular Progressives, but they have these goals for wildly different reasons and reach their philosophies through highly divergent thought processes.