Wednesday, February 07, 2007

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2 Things that have been irrating me of late

Just a list:
1. Going into treatment for being an asshole. Ever since the world semi-forgave Mel Gibson for his racist, drunken rage because he went into treatment; it has become all the rage. I think it lessens the importance of treatment for people who really need it, when people go into it as an attempt to improve their public image. The fellow on Grey's Anatomy has gone into treatment for being homophobic; the mayor who cheated with his secretary has gone into treatment as well, saying his life would be better without alcohol in it. No, he didn't say he was an alcoholic, just that this is a means of improving his life. NEWSFLASH people don't get cured of Assholism by running and hiding for thirty days in the Betty Ford Center. Jeez, Bill cheated on Hillary and took the heat for being a jerk, and what heat it was. Grow some balls people.

2. Chris Matthew’s hard on for Rudy. Rudy is a control freak. He is also slightly misogynistic when you look at his track record with women. This is not a Man's Man...this is a jerk. One thing going for Rudy though, he has embraced his inner asshole and doesn't feel the need to go into drug/alcohol treatment for it.