Thursday, November 16, 2006

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Vatican=Secular Progressives

Yep that is right folks in the Catholic Church's zeal for peace and justice, they are now being equated to secular progressive by none other than Bill O'Reilly. Now as I know and am related to people who would be classified in each of these distinct groups, I suspect he insulted them both. So will someone tell my sister, the devout Catholic and ardent Republican, that Bill O said she is a secular progressive? Maybe that will get her to stop watching Faux news.

These groups are so dissimilar, at least viewing secular progressives as Billy Boy does, that it is hard to see how he intended the comparison as anything other than an insult to Catholics. I am sure he didn't see where secular progressives might take offense, but then most of them are not in his loyal following of viewers. Admittedly Peace and Justice Catholics, do share some of the same goals and view points of Secular Progressives, but they have these goals for wildly different reasons and reach their philosophies through highly divergent thought processes.

Paging Orwell

Hunger, it seems the federal government is now referring to the inability to put food on your family and the accompanying stomach pains, growls and weakness as Food Insecurity. Low Food Insecurity is when you manage to find something to eat, and High Food Insecurity is when you don't for unknown periods of time. This is insulting. When one of my clients comes in and says her children are hungry because their dad is in jail, or she is hungry because she is feeding her children and not herself, she isn't thinking about food security, she is thinking about empty stomachs and how to fill them. She is asking for assistance in finding ways to feed the family. I can just see myself sitting here minimizing her pain, emotional and physical by referring to it as Food Insecurity. NOT.

Monday, November 13, 2006

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What a wanker!

Joe Liberman wants to stick it to the Democratic Party. He lost the primary and instead of exiting right stage like one should, he ran as an independent. While he was running he continually stated that if he won he would cacus with the Democrats. Now, that he has won? He starts dropping hints that he could still switch parties. See what happens when a self-absorbed, brown nosing little nimrod is elected? He is mad at the party for saying no more to him, he is most likely angry with those whom he thought were his friends for supporting the Democratic Nominee, Ned Lamont, in the general election; and now he intends to make the party pay. Play my way or I am gonna take my ball and go to the other party. What a shit.

Friday, November 10, 2006

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A non political post

This post is about my cat. First some background, for those of you who were around when we got Lola, she was brutally murdered by two neighborhood dogs in August. It was a traumatic and horrible loss. The two dogs now have insurance and a proper fence since I pressed vicious dog charges on them. (These are the same dogs that bit Em in April). The next week we adopted a shelter cat and got to bring her home. She was around 5 months old, so not a kitten. Her name is Misstache, as she has a lovely little hitler like mustache. She has been a handful from day one. First, she chewed through her spaying stiches require emergency surgery to put her belly back in, my 36 dollar cat from the shelter ended up costing about 10x that. In addition, if she finds her way into a bedroom, then the bed will be pee'd on. It matters not if someone is sleeping in the bed either. *sigh* if all clothing isn't pick up (and remember I have children) it is at her bladder's mercy as well. She will use the cat box if she can't find somewhere else she would rather void her waste. It is a constant battle to keep her only in the living, dining room and kitchen. She is, unlike Lola the psychotic one, the sweetest cat ever. She is a noodle. She loves to be held, petted and she PURRS. But, I need some suggestions on how to stop her bedwetting behavior. I am tired of laundry and lysol.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

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It is a bluetiful day!

ouch bad pun. No matter it is a wonderful day. We won the house. We won the Senate! Rummy is leaving effective NOW! Jeez a blue girl in a red state couldn't ask for much more. I havea case of We Won nah nah nah, of course in the interest of retaining gainful(or somewhat gainful) employment I have completely resisted my nah nah urge and have not talked about the election.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

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Election Day

Fingers and toes crossed! Please go vote.

Today is our oppurtunity to begin to take back our government from those who have worked so hard in the last six years to destroy it. Here in Texas, I don't expect much change. I fear that the crowded ballot will ruin Chris Bell's chances at the top of the ballot and so many of our choices in other races are limited to Republican or Libertarian, without a Democrat in the race, sad really. In addition out here in the Wild West, we have a good many unopposed Republicans running.
But go vote and go vote for change wherever you live.

I was going to vote early, but I really love voting on election day, so I went to my polling place on my lunch hour. First, I had to wait in line. Second, a good number of people were actually balking when they were asked if they wanted to vote electronically. I actually heard a few people ask if it was safe and were the election workers sure that their vote wouldn't be lost. Third, one of the workers told me that they had been busy all day, which I hope is good news for Bell.(People out here might not vote for him, but they sure might refuse to vote for Perry). Finally, there was a line when I left.

Voting makes me giddy. Can you tell?

A friend's blog

A friend of mine has started a new blog" . It is about addiction, namely addiction to online games. How do I know him? Well I play online games with him, this keeps me from obsessing about politics too much and allows me to keep my sanity. If you wander by and see this give him some support.
He is a good democrat too! Whoot!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

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A quote that made me smile

Well I went and read the story about the busdriver that was fired for giving Bush the bird,over at CBS, and I scrolled down to this comment.

Our society has become rude and crude, it's true. We have rudely and crudely killed tens of thousands of Iraqis and three thousand of our own. Fifteen thousand or so of ours wounded. I'd flip off the President in front of the Savior himself if I had the chance

I guess our society has become that rude and that crude, because that made me grin from ear to ear. I don't think I would go that far, but when my children play what if with me and it turns to what if the President showed up at the door would you invite him in? Not a chance, I tell them.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

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I thought of Ann Richards yesterday

As I listened to CNN and heard about John Kerry's comment, which I do believe he was directing directly at Shrub. I couldn't help but think...Poor John Kerry, he has a silver foot in his mouth. Yes, I know that isn't the exact quote.

Predictions for next week?


I think we win the house by 15, and the senate by 2. I am optomistic. I have to be.