Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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According to this theory(link)

When I had my tits cut off my IQ went up because it is a trade off you see. Who knew? Exactly how do I get to equate my new found, surgically enhanced IQ? How much smarter did I get? Is it one 1 point per pound, 5 points per pound, someone let me know; there are a few lawyers I want to let know that I am now definitely much brighter than they will ever be. Just so we are clear, the equation is 4 pounds of breast tissue removed = +x IQ points. The question is what is x. Also, if you have your breasts surgically enhanced do you lose IQ points?

The link is to Digby who links to Fair where I found the quote which I am now sharing:

"More Brain Or More Penis"

Rushton (who's gotten more than $770,000 from Pioneer) has transformed the Victorian science of cranial measurement into a sexual fetish--measuring not only head and brain size, but also the size of breasts, buttocks and genitals. "It's a trade-off: More brain or more penis. You can't have everything," he told Rolling Stone's Adam Miller (10/20/94), explaining his philosophy of evolution.

Happy Birthday

to Rugo, who still can't spell, from Pasquin, her mother, and her little sis.

Ohhh too many years ago

I made Pasquin a first time father. August is comming to an end, which means the birthday month will come to an end soon. There are no less than 6 August Birthdays in our family. 4 of which belong to my small family unit out here in the Wild West. Tommorrow is a birthday too.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

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My friend in Iraq

I have a friend from college, with whom I agree about very little politically, who is in Iraq. He is too old for military service and is over there as a independent contractor. He works in warehousing of one sort or another. It is now the beginning of his second year there. He is a foolish romantic, I kid you not. He is there because he honestly believes in this foolhardy notion of saving the middle east from themselves. While I don't agree with him, at least he put his body where his mouth is, you can't say that for many warmongers these days. They don't want to go, certainly don't want their kids to go and appear to think that this war, like Vietnam, should only be fought by those less privileged. My friend, who couldn't sign up for military service for a multitude of reasons(age being one), found a way to go anyway. So my friend is an idiot, don't think I haven't told him that on more than one occasion, in more than one context for oh so many years. I just wish that more conservatives had what I do require in my friends, not my politics, but ethics, integrity and honesty. It is clear my friend has those in spades.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

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Overheard in my West Texas Office

How bad is it for Bush? Bad. In my office, where for a goodly number of folk he might as well walk on water. The price of gasoline is a hot topic.

"My word Bill O' Vilely* on Fox News (the only news anyone in West Texas watches) spoke out against him last night about Oil Prices! What is the President thinking? He is thinking about how to butter his bread when he leaves office. That is what he is thinking.
The President has 3 major problems according to Bill: Oil, Iraq, and the Border. Let's hope he takes care of Oil prices first."

There you have it folks. When folk out here are upset with Bush there really is trouble abrewing. So, it might not really be because of the war, but dammit when it costs us $2.67 a gallon to fill up our Suburbans and Pick up trucks we get might durn irratated. Now you know and I know that the war just might have something to do with the cost of oil. But out here we just don't see it that way.

* Liberties taken with names all mine.

Monday, August 22, 2005

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Inane Logic

So I go to buy a new minivan today. It has everything, everything. I don't buy it. Because get this, they will finance it, with nothing down, low enough payments ect..., but not if I want to get out from under my other car. Now, that will cost me a frickin fortune. Life sucks. I can have two car payments sure, but get rid of a car I really don't want anymore and get one I do, nope can't do that too damn logical.

Republicans own the car dealerships and well as the banks. I know, I know.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

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My computer

is misbehaving. Explorer won't act nice, so we installed Firefox and have decided for the timebeing to ignore the poorly behaved program. Unfortunately, I can't put up pictures right now. I am sending her to a therapist next week to be exorcized, but until then I am photoless.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

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Elizabeth Edward's letter

Elizabeth Edwards has written a letter in support of Cindy Sheehan it can be found here It is a moving and powerful tribute to not only the spirit of American, but a mother's love. Nothing I say can add to it.

I have no talent

at creating poetry; but Steve does. Go read his new Doggerel. It is worth a momment or three of your day.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

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What a solider wants

A great many people have been trying to play necromancer of late and determine how Casey Sheehan felt about the war in Iraq and how he might feel about his mother's protest in Crawford. There seems to be this idea on the right out there that just because someone is a solider he/she believes in rightness of this war. That they support every reason we have been given by this administration for going to war; this is just not the case.

My friend, a solider who served in Iraq, did not support this war, he didn't believe in the reasons for going to war but he went and he served and he put his life on the line. He would go back if asked. His wife is also a solider and she feels the same way; but, if asked she will go. It is their duty. They believe in service, in our country and our ideals even if they don't believe in WMD and imperialism. They are not alone in their beliefs, when visiting them in their home and other servicemen and women are there it is far from uncommon to hear them speak of their disagreement. Do they serve, yes and honorably. Do they agree, not always. It would be foolish of me to assume that because my friend doesn't agree with the war that Casey Sheehan must not have. It is just as foolish to assume that because someone we know agrees with the war, or the wingnut himself does, that Casey Sheehan did. What is even more foolish is attempting to read the mind of a dead man. I know some unusual people, much to those who care for me chagrin at times, and I have yet to meet a real necromancer.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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The outcome

We lost, the wife thumper walked out of court. It took the jury just over 6.5 hours to find him not guilty. This was with his wife testifying for him. AHHH!!!! Of course he has thumped on her 3 times since we indicted him, so we just pulled a law and order on him and had a warrarnt waiting. What is so sad is that the victim doesn't understand that we are trying to save her life, even if she doesn't want us to.

In this case it was so hard to determine what would happen, uncooperative victims make cases difficult, especially domestic violence cases. I am gratified that it took the jury as long as it did to find the jerk not guilty. If you ever all called to jury duty on a family violence case, remember frequently the victim is living with the defendant and is minimizing and covering for him, either out of love, fear, self-loathing, or some deep ingrained sense of deserving the animosity of the abuser. This is not a reason for aquital. You aren't doing her a favor.

Back to School Shopping

Last night I took the girls back to school shopping. It was the first trip for the little one who starts Kindergarden next week, and she was thrilled to be in Old Navy getting new clothes for school. The older one was pleased with new jeans from there but wanted more dramatic shirts from "Hot Topic". We walked down the mall and into the store, and to my surprise was a shop that reminded me a great deal of the record stores of my youth. They even had albums! They also had lots of angst ridden t-shirts for the angst ridden teen/pre-teen. We found a couple of t-shirts that we could agree on and off we went. What was so amusing was the clerk look tickled to see a mom and daughters in there shopping without a fuss. All I kept thinking was, what this child is picking out is so tame compared to what I DID! When did my rebellion become a store in the mall?

Monday, August 15, 2005

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In Trial

Again. Sssh, I can't talk about it of course.

So does anyone know what a Crawford objection is besides me?

Hint: Crawford vs. Washington

Sunday, August 14, 2005

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And we'll know your a Christian by your

Self-centered, egotistical, twisted, backassward fuckwit comments. Ask me why I question the existence of God and I will point to one man who claims to speak regularly with the high holy mojo himself. What an ass.

Bush said he is aware of the anti-war sentiments of Cindy Sheehan and others who have joined her protest near the Bush ranch.

"But whether it be here or in Washington or anywhere else, there's somebody who has got something to say to the president, that's part of the job," Bush said on the ranch. "And I think it's important for me to be thoughtful and sensitive to those who have got something to say."

"But," he added, "I think it's also important for me to go on with my life, to keep a balanced life."

The Mother-in-Law Principle

One the lasting lessons about politics that Pasquin taught me is what we refer to in my family as The Mother-in-Law Principle. It is simply this: when you fall in love and get married you don't do so for your Mother-in-Law, but she comes right along with your spouse, so do her quirks, habits, and anything else that may or may not make your life wonderful or an absolute living hell. Now you may luck out, or you may get straddled with a caricature for the next 40 plus years, it is a crapshoot.

In politics on the other hand, you know who your Mother-in-Law is, you know her quirks, her bad habits, and her good ones. It is the candidate’s party affiliation. It is the strongest and best reason I know of to vote for the party and not for the person. John McCain is a living, breathing example of this; he has gone from a man some of us on the left could respect for his stance on Campaign Finance Reform to a complete tool of the Republican Party in the last five years. His Mother took over. Within both parties you can find people on both end of the liberal/conservative spectrum, but is foolish of us to not realize that Mom is there all the time pushing, pulling and manipulating. Parties are very much like interfering Mom's. Mom's with overwhelming needs, desires and demands and they depend on their children to see that those needs get met. Our representative are beholden to those parties, are part of them and will respond at least on occasion and for us to think otherwise makes us foolish Son's and Daughter's in Law indeed.

Young love

My 5-year has a boyfriend! I took her to a party last night, kids, adults, food, sodas, margaritas (my head), volleyball, swimming and sand! A great time was had by all, especially Em and THE BOY (5 as well) they built sandcastles, they played, they held hands, they announced they were boyfriend and girlfriend (sweet), and then the little Romeo KISSED her! When I told her no kissing boys, the BOY walks up and says to me but mam she WANTED me to kiss her! She nods her head. They say goodbye, and I explain why they can't have a sleepover. My older daughter got to have mixed sleepovers (but she never wandered around kissing boys at 5!).

A Nunnery is in this one's future I see it clearly.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

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The Right to Privacy

Roberts and the Right to Privacy is a hot topic these days, as well it should be. It is one issue where we on the left have the hardest time with those on the right, because and I hate to say. They have the easier argument. They look at the world in simplistic terms, in black and white and for them this is one issue: abortion, and there is no right to privacy spelled out in the Constitution. There isn't a privacy amendment. Is privacy there, of course it is; privacy from government interference is the lifeblood of freedom. It is a fundamental cornerstone in the foundation of liberty. Liberty cannot exist if we are not allowed privacy in our own homes, from unreasonable search and seizure, of assembly with friends and other like-minded people (religious organizations), and the list goes on. The Right to Privacy isn't spelled out in black and white in our Bill of Rights, but it pervades it, it is fundamental to the spirit of freedom, of liberty and to who were are as a collective people. It isn't about an issue as simple as abortion, as being Pro-Choice or Anti-Choice (no one is against life). Privacy is about liberty, freedom, and our Bill of Rights not so much in what it explicitly says, but in what it explicitly means.

Not one of us can imagine the government quartering a solider in our home; the Third Amendment prohibits this, because we have a right to expect privacy from a government agent in our home. We used to feel secure in our clubs and associations because of the First Amendment that guarantees our freedom to assemble without government interference. We used to know that our records,our phone conversations, library checkouts, and book buying habits, were safe from government seizure without a warrant signed by a Judge, the Fourth Amendment promised that as well. We were assured that our liberty, our freedom our privacy from government was protected. It is no real surprise that this government is attacking the amendments that protect individual privacy, liberty and freedom.

These are the fundamentals that allow a woman the right to go to her doctor without the government's knowledge or approval decide to get pregnant or stay pregnant, yes; but even more so they are they are our rights as a people. We cannot walk away from them because abortion is unpleasant, and it is. We as liberals shouldn't be dishonest and say that it isn't. No matter which way you look at it, the fact that women still have to face this kind of choice is sad. The fact that our government makes it harder and harder for women who find out that their child is going to be born with fatal birth defects, and die within hours of its birth to decide to end their pregnancy sooner rather than later is wrong. The fact that women are forced to deliver stillborns in some states because of outlawed procedures is wrong. That is government interference, in the worst kind of way. Imagine a world where the government decided who got to have bypass surgery and who didn't, or modern day China where they have forced abortion. Freedom is only freedom when privacy is included in a person’s medical decision. It doesn't make it easy, it doesn't make it pretty or nice or neat; but then life rarely is.

See how much easier it is when you can just say there isn't a Privacy Amendment, than when you have to explain to someone who wants to look at the world in black and white, that it really isn't and there are tremendous consequences if we do.

Friday, August 12, 2005

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Those vacation pictures I have been getting so many emails for are posted below, okay so no one emailed me, but I spent a fortune at Disney World so oh and ah over them anyway, and look at that strange cat.

A friend emailed me a picture of her dog, who believes she is 1/2 cat so in honor of her 1/2 cat status. Chacha is substituting for Lola and Cookie tonight Posted by Picasa

How to walk a 5 year old, Rafki gives her big sister lessons. Posted by Picasa

M.I.C.K.E.Y....at Epcot, with the girls. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 11, 2005

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I take a preventative migraine medicine which has kept the headache monster at bay for one year, until today. I have my first migraine in a year. It hurts, I called the doctor and he called in Imitrex, which I know will help, BUT, it will also make me feel my blood run through every inch of my body..ich. Why oh why couldn't have he given me a nice narcotic? I would have happily crawled into bed then. This is a work induced migraine too (sorry Bryan I can't blame Florida) I can and will blame LAWYERS! GRRR. Leaving me to clean up their messes, what a day, what a headache!

Update Damn Doctor's office didn't call in the Imitrex like they said they were going to. Now I can blame Doctors and Lawyers!

Update II My headache is better now and just a dull roar. I am back at work and have called the doctor's office to make sure they knew about the mix up. The doctor's office assures me they called in the Rx, but it isn't there. Oh well thank heavens for benadryl(It will at least eventually knock you out).

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

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Proof that W really doesn't stand for Women

You all know who she is, her name is Cindy Sheehan and she has been all over the blogosphere of late. She is the mother of a solider who died last year in Iraq and she simply wants to ask the President for what? Now think hard what would Bill Clinton the notorious womanizer have done? The man would have felt her pain. First he wouldn't have been on VACATION; second he would have spoken with her, possibly more than once. He loves women, maybe a bit too much on occasion, but he would get it. Bush he not only goes on VACATION, he believes INCORRECTLY that he is above having to answer a mother's grief. Does he not think that mothers are watching Cindy and thinking about their own children? It doesn't matter if you are liberal or conservative when you are a parent, that is your child and you want to know why they died. You want to be answered and when the President of the United States has ordered a war that has cost the life of your child the least the man can do is take 15 minutes out of his PRECIOUS VACATION, to say I DON'T KNOW mam, but it is HARD WORK NOT KNOWING. Truth is she is a mere mother and a mere woman she isn't WORTHY of his time.

Someone gave into what I call my "now where is the brake pedal"

Via Surburban Guerrilla it seems an air force officer has been vandilizing vehicles in the Denver Airport sporting Bush 2004 bumperstickers. You can click through to the article where he states he started around election time and law enforcement caught him using a decoy vehicle. I guess he really didn't like Bush.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

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Vacation over

I am home, my vacation was wonderful; the girls loved Disney World and spending every dime I had. Florida is a real treat, it rains there everyday and you can smell the mold growing. That is until your allergies kick in and you can no longer smell anything, in my case about 12 hours. We have all returned to the Wild West with nice cases of allergitis. I am blaming Florida. I also noticed that it is much easier to leave the state than to get into it, blame that on the hurricanes and a Bush brother, the best highway we drove on was built by Walt Disney..go figure. And finally I have determined in the panhandle region of the state (near the Alabama border) the average age of motherhood must be about 15. Without giving my age completely away and saying I don't look older than I am, maybe a few years younger even, I was called my 5 year old's grandmother twice. I figured if it happened a third time I was going to have to hurt someone. But then when we did the math IF I had a child at 15 and she had a child at 15 I could be my 5 year old's grandmother. I could spit. The scenery in Florida is beautiful though, if Ntodd or OWL were there I am sure they would post some beautiful pictures. I on the other hand I some great pictures of the girls with Pooh Bear and Mickey Mouse! If you ask nicely I might show you. I am glad to be home though and my greatest souvenir? Bob Novak threw a pissy fit the one day I turned on CNN while on vacation.

Politics tomorrow with laundry, think any of that Florida mold came back in the suitcase?